Read the Instructions Carefully Before Taking the Test

These instructions are general instructions. The instructions for forthcoming GATE EXAM may vary.

Most Important Instruction: All the Question has Only One Correct Answer. Do not mark more than one Checkbox.
General Instructions
1. Total duration of the test is 40 minutes.
2. The clock will start once you confirm to start the test. The timer below the test navigation will display the time passed (and not the remaining time) out of the total 40 minutes of time for the test. When the timer reaches 40, the test will end by itself. You will not be required to submit your the test in that case.

Navigating to a Question
3. Click on the question number in the Question Navigation Box at the left of your screen (if you are using PC to take the test) or at the top of the screen (if you are using your mobile phone to take the test) to go to that numbered question directly.
4. You can also navigate to the next question using the Next Button and to the previous question the using Previous Button.
5. You can mark the question for attempting it later using the Mark Button and unmark the question once you have attempted the question using the UnMark Button.

Answering a Question
6. To select your answer, click on the checkbox of one of the options.
7. To deselect your answer, click on the checkbox of the option you have marked.
8. To change your answer, deselect your answer using #7 and then select your answer using #6.
9. You need not save the answer for each question. Once you select an option for a question, your answer gets saved automatically.

Important Suggestion
10. Please keep enough rough sheets and a few pens and/or pencils before you start the test to do the rough work
11. For Best Experience of Taking this Test use Personal Computer and avoid using Mobile Phone to Take the Test.

Do not take the test before reading this

1. All questions have Only One Answer Correct. Do not tick more than one checkbox. It will lead to a wrong answer.
2. Use the Mark Button to keep track of the unattempted questions..
3. You can take screenshots of the questions after the test. No question's or answer's soft copy will be provided separately.
4. In the mobile view, click on the "Question Navigation Panel" to show the navigation buttons to navigate to any question directly.
5. In the mobile view, use the next and previous buttons on the top and the bottom of the question as and when required.
6. Do not refresh the page during the test. You will loose your selected answers upon page refresh.
7. We at have taken utmost care in framing the questions and answers. But, in case you think there has been some error in question(s) or answer(s) please mail us at We shall check with our team and revert you back.